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Gelato World Tour

Is coming to an end in Rimini Ice Cream Word TourAfter the steps to select the finalists throughout the world and with the last stage in Riminithe taste will be declared winner. Also in this edition are going so many ice cream makers for a total of 36 flavors of ice cream in the race. Gelato World Tour It is the first international event dedicated to ice cream, a contest seeking the m. ..

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Mi Gusto San Marino

I Taste San Marino

I Taste San Marino represents one of the most anticipated events of September are part of festivals and festivals dedicated to food and wine. So many great products to taste are present throughout the month of September in the entire Adriatic coast and wait, as every year, visitors and tourists from all over Italy and abroad. I Taste San Marino collecting every year more maggi ...

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Feast of the Holy Cross or Fira de Quatorg

The FEsta di Santa Croce or Fira de Quatorg part of the events of September that animated the beautiful Adriatic coast. A fair which now belongs to several years of tradition and which takes place in the picturesque medieval village of Verucchio in the second weekend of September ...

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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Rimini has always organizes charity events and The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is considered the largest event in the world of charity, for the owners of classic bikes and vintage, the only event able to gather over 70,000 elegant gentlemen in more than 600 cities in 95 Nations, that will drive their beautiful motorcycles human health ...

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Druidia Festival

Druidia reenactment

Is staged every year in Singapore, Druidia reenactment, the festival held at the Park. The event lasts 4 days dedicated to Irish culture and tradition and represents a great opportunity to discover the history, myths and the gastronomy of this ancient people. Druidia one of the many historical events which are held in Romagna in August, the chosen month p. ..

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Pageants in Romagna

They return during the months of August and September, the Pageants in Romagna, many events dedicated to the past, especially to the middle ages, which are represented in the historical centres. Relive the best of history and the past, many resorts of Romagna offer in August and early September numerous historical reenactments, events that are based on history and the ancient spell ...

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Food and wine events August

There are so many customers Food and wine events August awaiting you in the beautiful Adriatic coast, starting from those organized in Rimini, first and foremost, Divine Sunset Special event dedicated to wine from Emilia Romagna, which is held in different cities of the region, a number of opportunities to discover the goodness and quality of Emilia-Romagna wine ...

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Medieval days in San Marino

Add up the days Medieval San Marinofor all those who want to spend a holiday in search of ancient history with an event that is based on historical pageant where there will also be entertainment and shows. Like every year, the event will involve the entire historical centre on Mount Titano, creating special effects and emotions ...

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Rally of San Marino

Every year there is a new edition of Rally of San Marino, that in 2017 arrives at the 45th edition. As always, the event dedicated to rally San Marino is widely followed by tourists, as it is an event that is part of the Italian Championship and is enriched by various side events. The Rally of San Marinoas every year, will begin in Riccione and is just ...

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Rocca di Luna

L’estate è ricca di passione e divertimento con l’evento Rocca di Luna, che si tiene a Montefiore Conca e che propone lo speciale fine settimana, nel borgo riminese a metà Luglio. In programma due serate di grande spettacolo che animeranno la rocca dell’entroterra romagnolo. Come ogni anno, l’evento più atteso è quello che concluderà Rocca di Luna: un grande show piromusicale che accen...

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