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Gastronomic events September

There are many reasons to extend the holiday until the end of summer, one of them concerns the gastronomic events September, because in the Romagna Riviera it is always a party! Every year new editions of gastronomic events that are now part of the tradition are staged, such as the New Year's Eve of the wine of San Giovanni in Marignano, a festival that is traditionally held on the last Sunday of September, and...

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Psychiatric Circus

Psychiatric Circus

Until 21 August 2015 the 105 Stadium Rimini, will "Psychiatric Circus"considered by most as the show more entertaining and terrifying the world! This is the opportunity that is given to the public to make a journey into madness, casting out even their innermost thoughts, in a place where nothing makes sense, or would it, digging deep to our ego, to all c. ..

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Eros Ramazzotti concert in Rimini

The riviera romagnola is this year marked by distinguished artists such as Eros Ramazzotti concert in Riminiat the Stadium, 105 September 12 Next. The music never goes on holiday ", but comes in exclusive destinations for tourists. After two years on the Us Tour, the singer is ready to replicate another hit live, with a series of concerts that have the most intense and emotional lives.

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Blood and Arena in Rimini

Every year great shows await you in Rimini, and to inaugurate the cycle is Blood and Arena in Rimini, in July. For the summer the LEGIO XIII returns with exciting and engaging events for the season of Tuesdays of Ariminum, strictly ad free entrance. The city of Rimini is so proud and proud to present to all tourists the new appointments at the Amphitheater ...

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Evenings of Ireland

Every summer in July the event starts in Rimini Evenings of IrelandThe appointment is at the Circle of Spadarolo, with kitchen, beer, dancing and music theme! Do not miss the feast of Ireland in Rimini, will be a day where the word order is "Go wild!" ...

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Francesco De Gregori in Rimini Pink Night

The most explosive New Year summer, also offers an explosion of music connoisseurs with Francesco De Gregori in Rimini Pink Night in data July 3, 2015In the beautiful location of Piazzale Fellini, at 21:30. The singer is on tour with "Hands-free tour" a series of concerts presenting to the public the double album certified double platinum (certifications FIMI / GFK Re ...

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Web Marketing Festival

A June at the Palacongressi of Rimini starts the edition of Web Marketing Festival . 22 rooms, 120 speakers, and over 120 interventions for the event on the web marketing most comprehensive in Europe. If you love the world of the web, if you work in this area, the Festival will be very useful for doing business and interacting with people in your same field ...

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The beaches of wellness


Return each year the beaches wellness, With lots of news very interesting. From June to August Rimini, awaits a unique event in Italy. Scheduled over 1000 meetings of wellbeing on 50 beaches, the most energetic of the Riviera di Rimini, from Bellaria to Cattolica and logically Rimini, capital of fitness ...

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Beer Attraction 2015


Beer enthusiasts unite! This could be the "slogan", but it is done to say, to Beer Attraction 2015, the appointment strictly dedicated to beer that will be present at Rimini Fair from 21 to 24 February 2015. Everyone can participate in the Fair, both beer enthusiasts, or private citizens, and operators in the sector, because we remember, it is the international event ...

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My Special Car Show


Preparations are underway for the new edition of My Special Car Show, Rimini fair dedicated to cars and not only that returns to make a stop in May in the beautiful town of Romagna, with lots of news. Also this year a very large audience of enthusiasts is expected, ready to have fun "savoring" all the news of the four-wheeled cars ...

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