Italy in Miniature

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If you are looking for the best formula for reservation in hotel Rimini and hotel Torre Pedrera, to visit the theme park Italy in Miniaturethen you couldn't make a better choice! The hotels near Italy in miniaturealways offer special promotions like the formula hotel children free: save money and lots of family services included in the price! Every year many tourists come from all over Italy and Europe to visit the many attractions of Italy in miniature, in addition to discovering the Italy and Europe and go on a boat ride in the Canal, and it will be like really experience the magical atmosphere of Venice! For children there are special play areas with slides and air routes, then the place of fun with truccabambini, to experience the magic of play many different characters, and many attractions including water features. Do not forget the "family day": every Monday until September children pay a super discounted entry, and if you're lucky enough to make the years in Italy in miniature, admission is free! Come and find out how many other attractions are waiting for you, to live big your holiday!

The Hotel Torre Pedrera di Rimini, is a hotel 3 stelle, equipped with every comfort, also l'Hotel close to the beach, is the best for all people who want to enjoy the Sun and Tan. While adults relax, children can enjoy themselves safely. TheHotels with entertainmentallows you to participate in beach parties with music and culinary specialties of the place and night great fun and entertainment for everyone with playing on the sand and in the water. Thebimbi hotel freeIt is ideal for all families that can save planning vacation tailored to your needs, and thanks to theHotels near Little Italy, fun is guaranteed!

For families we have created a special offer Week parks that will allow you to spend a week at the beach and you can visit the best parks of the Romagna Riviera all included in the price. A special occasion to remind the entire family spent many summer adventures in the parks.
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