Le fasi Italian Basketball Cup finals, to be held from 6 to 8 March 2015, At the Fiera di Rimini, concurrently to the musical event and eno gastronomic Rhythm and Basket 2015. It will be so Rimini Fair to host the finals of the Italian Cup League Basketball. It will be a beautiful weekend, a living book in hotel rimini e hotel torre pedrera, Not to be missed the Final Six of DNA Gold and Silver, the Final Four of DNB and the Final Eight of the DNC. The sport mixed with music, which this year will be a big party intends to involve young people and families with children, to let everyone know about basketball, which is the second sport in Italy, more followed after football. The basket has a culture that wants to make known to all, which is combined with the music, as we have said, but also to dance, and presents events related to freestyle, to the spray and the social. Do not forget that this new format has been developed with the aim of giving a dream weekend, on the occasion of the end of Adecco Cup 2014, The Italian Cup the National Basketball League.

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