July 2015


Augustinians Cinema under the stars

Such August, be staged in Rimini "event0 The Augustinians Cinema under the stars"the most beautiful film of the year in a unique and unmissable. In the historic centre of Rimini, via Cairoli 42, at 21.15, you can watch the famous summer film festival, in the splendid setting of the former Augustinian convent ...

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Cene Lume di Cantina Rimini 2015

Candlelight dinners Cellar Rimini

Every July the candlelight dinners cellar Rimini. A very impressive event that takes place thanks to the cellars of the Rimini territory, opening at sunset, to welcome guests and lead them through a sensory journey.
The Candlelit dinners, cellar they are organized by Consorzio Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini in collaboration ...

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Creativity Summer Festival

Creativity Summer Festival It is the festival of creativity that has in every Edition, two days of great excitement, in July. If you are interested in art, this is the event you absolutely shouldn't miss because right here you will find all kinds of art.

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Eros Ramazzotti concert in Rimini

The riviera romagnola is this year marked by distinguished artists such as Eros Ramazzotti concert in Riminiat the Stadium, 105 September 12 Next. The music never goes on holiday ", but comes in exclusive destinations for tourists. After two years on the Us Tour, the singer is ready to replicate another hit live, with a series of concerts that have the most intense and emotional lives.

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Offerta Bambini Gratis ad Agosto

Offer kids free in August

Our Hotel in Torre Pedrera offers a special offer for all families with children, even teenagers in tow with parents; the Hotel Diamante offers you the possibility to have free kids up to 16 years.

The offer kids free in August is unfortunately available to very few rooms from 23/08/16 to 30/08/16 to stay for seven days one of your children (boys ...

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Blood and Arena in Rimini

Ogni anno grandi spettacoli vi aspettano a Rimini, e ad inaugurare il ciclo è Blood and Arena in Rimini, nel mese di Luglio. Per l’estate la LEGIO XIII ritorna con entusiasmanti e coinvolgenti appuntamenti per la stagione dei Martedì di Ariminum, rigorosamente ad free entrance. La città di Rimini è così fiera ed orgogliosa di presentare a tutti i turisti i nuovi appuntamenti all’Anfiteatro...

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