Hotel Torre Pedrera

esterno 33Our Hotel Torre Pedrera di Rimini, just a short walk from the beach at Torre Pedrera, the beach that has for years received the Blue Flag award for its clear waters and clean. On beaches of Torre Pedrera and the whole coast from Rimini, are also organized different events and parties all during the summer, the most beautiful, with music and culinary specialties of the place, remember the party "Gradisca".

In our Hotel Torre Pedrera both day and evening entertainment offered at the beach are many: adults and children can enjoy fun games on the sand and in the water.

All the beaches on the coast of Rimini and hamlets offer: showers with hot and cold water, clean toilets, spacious and elegant are also suitable for disabled with wheelchair, drinking fountain with drinking water, playground and playing fields (bocce, beach volleyball ...) RESCUE service from mid-May to mid-September.

Torre Pedrera has always been a favorite destination for a family vacation with children: in this pleasant small village of Rimini you will have structures suitable for baby and safe environments and enjoyable.

In this Hotel Torre Pedrera the stay of the children are free:ie the very young up to 14 years have the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts, it is available family plan 2 2 = 3, a core consisting of two adults and two children, only pay for three.

Still available for the super holiday 15 DAYS HOLIDAY, THE 16° DAY 'IN HOMAGE or stay 3 days and 2 nights for only € 100 per person with departure after lunch.

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